Bento Box Seigaiha Bois Clair




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Experience the Charm of our Wooden Bento Box, a True Delight for all your Meals

Discover the fascinating history of the bento box, which originated in Japan in 1185 and has been evolving continuously ever since. Today, the bento box comes in a wide variety of versions, ranging from its container, content, ingredients, location, and occasions.

Our wooden bento box stands out with its unique design. The fabric of the small storage pouches is adorned with “wagara” geometric patterns, representing rainbow-shaped waves. These blue waves of the ocean symbolize prosperity, luck, and peace. This motif is frequently used on eco-friendly furoshiki wrappings.

  • Choose our light wood bento box for an elegant and natural option
  • Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 9.8 cm
  • The package includes a bento box and its fabric bag, chopsticks, utensils, and a storage case


Discover our recommendations for exceptional lunch breaks with our bento box:

💯 Practical and easily portable, our bento box features compartments specifically designed to accommodate all the ingredients necessary for a complete and balanced meal. You can adjust the food quantity according to your appetite. Typically, women opt for around 700 ml, and men for 900 ml.

💯 Thanks to its airtight closure and strap, our bento box prevents spills and keeps the food at room temperature. However, microwaving is not recommended.

💯 Vary your meals while maintaining the proportions of a healthy lunch: 40% starch, 30% protein, 20% vegetables, and 10% fruits. With our bento box, you can fuel up without feeling bloated.

💯 If you’re looking for a different pattern or a bento box with a double compartment, feel free to check out our collection of bento boxes which is brimming with various models. Choose the one that suits your taste.