Blue and White Japanese Bowl



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Japanese Blue and White Ceramic Bowl

Discover this magnificent ceramic bowl that will bring a touch of Japanese tradition to your kitchen. This vessel is widely used in Japan and will be perfect to complete your table setting. Manufactured using ancestral techniques, this bowl features traditional patterns on the inside and a glazed texture on the outside. Its meticulous finish gives it an elegant visual aspect.

This bowl is ideal for presenting your favorite Japanese dishes. Its shape and dimensions are perfectly suited to assist you in the preparation of your recipes. In some cases, all the ingredients are placed at the bottom of the bowl and then the broth is poured over them. It can also be used as an individual salad bowl or for enjoying ramen or noodle dishes.


In addition to its aesthetic aspect, this bowl respects table etiquette in Japan. Here are some rules to follow:

  • 💯 It is prohibited to play with chopsticks at the table. Use them only to pick up food.
  • 💯 Properly savor your rice by holding the bowl in one hand and using the other to manipulate the chopsticks.
  • 💯 Making noise while eating is appreciated, as it indicates that the food was excellent.
  • 💯 To clean this bowl, use warm water and a soft sponge.

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