Bohemian Japanese Kimono Woman



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Wake up your wardrobe with this authentic and colorful bohemian kimono for women

Add a touch of fleeting beauty to your style with this floral kimono adorned with Japanese symbols. Inspired by the annual hanami festival, which celebrates the beauty of Japanese flowers in spring, this kimono is a true tribute to nature and tradition.

Originally, the kimono was worn during the tea ceremony, a practice inspired by Zen Buddhism. This ceremony, filled with calmness and serenity, brings together a small group of people around a cup of tea served in a codified manner. By wearing this traditional kimono, you too can be inspired by this Japanese tradition and invite your friends to share a moment of tranquility and conviviality.

Imagine yourself in a cozy atmosphere, dressed in this authentic kimono, telling the fascinating story of the tea ceremony to your guests. They will feel honored to be immersed in Japanese culture and will appreciate the beauty and significance of this traditional garment.

tuto kimono japonais femme

And to perfect your look with this traditional kimono for women, here are some fashion tips:

  • 💯 Add a wide obi belt to your outfit for a flawless traditional style. You can even find a belt with a pre-made bow for convenience.
  • 💯 If you prefer a more subtle geisha style, discover our Japanese tsuru kimono. It is adorned with a pattern representing the Japanese lucky bird, a symbol of happiness and prosperity.