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Choose this stunning replica of a Japanese geisha print inspired by the art of the floating world

Discover this superb replica of a Japanese geisha print inspired by the art of the floating world. The art of the floating world is an artistic movement that emerged during the Edo period, characterized by an atmosphere of sadness and bitterness, which was later reinterpreted through the prism of pleasure. This artistic movement draws inspiration from various realms such as geishas, samurais, and landscapes.

This canvas depicts two geishas, one of whom is holding a precious document wrapped and tied with a ribbon. The geisha, an iconic figure of ukiyo-e prints, represents the educated Japanese woman of the arts and the codes of presentation, which are highly prevalent in Japanese culture.

The geisha is a popular symbol in Japanese culture and has even been the subject of a famous film titled “Memoirs of a Geisha,” which tells the story of a Japanese woman during the Edo period.

  • This package contains a high-quality replica of a Japanese print.
  • The artwork is printed on a cotton canvas that enhances the vibrant colors of this traditional painting.
  • This magnificent wall art is carefully packaged in a cardboard tube to ensure its protection during transportation.

Here are some tips for creating beautiful decoration with this print:


💯Before ordering, measure the chosen location to hang this canvas and prioritize eye-level placement for a harmonious result.

💯This replica print does not come with a frame, but you can easily add one to give it a traditional touch.

💯This cotton canvas is very lightweight and easy to handle. It will bring a subtle, authentic, and distinctly artistic Japanese touch to your interior.

💯The cotton used for canvas prints is ideal for enhancing colors and bringing this unique decorative piece to life.

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