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Choose this magnificent reproduction of a geisha print and add an elegant touch to your living room

Ukiyo-e, a Japanese art form that emerged in the 17th century, is characterized by its prints and engravings. Initially inspired by sadness, this art has evolved into representations of pleasure. Geishas, iconic symbols of Japanese culture, are often featured in these paintings, recalling traditions and arts such as theater and dance.

This Japanese painting depicts a meticulously made-up, coiffed, and dressed geisha. It is part of a triptych consisting of three panels. In one of them, she can be seen accompanied by another geisha, while in the third, she is seen writing and reflecting.

  • The package includes a faithful replica of a Japanese print
  • The image is printed on cotton canvas for a contemporary style
  • The wall canvas is carefully rolled up in a tube-shaped cardboard packaging, ensuring safe delivery

Here are some ideas for personal and sophisticated interior decoration:


💯 We recommend taking measurements of the space before ordering this beautiful wall decoration. It is also advisable to hang it at eye level for optimal effect.

💯 Please note that the package does not include a frame, but you can add one to bring an additional traditional touch.

💯 This superb reproduction of a print is available in multiple sizes to fit any interior space. Lightweight and easy to hang, it will cause you no hassle.

💯 The photo printed on canvas gives an artistic appearance reminiscent of the predecessors of ukiyo-e art, the floating world.

💯 If you want to complete your triptych, take a look at the print of the writer. It depicts a pensive geisha in the midst of writing.

💯 To explore our full selection, visit our collection of Japanese prints and choose from numerous representations inspired by the traditional era.

Geisha Print



Free shipping for orders over £59

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  • 14 days money back guarantee


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Get this beautiful reproduction of a Geisha-style woodblock print from the Edo period

Woodblock printing is an art technique that originated in the 17th century. This decorative art is inspired by the ukiyo-e movement. Translated as “pictures of the floating world,” the drawings of that era depicted imaginary scenes of sadness and bitterness.

Gradually, representations of pleasure replaced the melancholic drawings. This style was particularly popular in the city of Yoshiwara, which became an entertainment district for middle-class people.

This replica of a Japanese woodblock print depicts a geisha dressed in a traditional kimono. The female artists of the archipelago are known for their education and initiation into art, as well as the codes of presentation, from a young age.

  • The package contains a canvas inspired by traditional prints.
  • The visual is printed on a canvas called “canvas,” made of cotton.
  • The Japanese decoration is rolled up in a cardboard tube to protect it during transport.

Here are some recommendations for beautiful Japanese interior decoration:


Before ordering this wall canvas, we strongly recommend measuring the dimensions of your chosen location. We also advise you to choose a place at eye level.

The delivery of the print does not include the frame. However, if you wish, you can add one. It will give the decorative canvas a touch of authenticity.

You can choose the size of this Japanese decoration according to your interior design. Lightweight and easy to handle, you will have no trouble hanging it up.

The canvas enhances the depth of colors and does not produce any reflections. It is ideal for long-lasting durability.

Looking for landscape decor? Opt for the Kanagawa canvas. It represents the most famous work of the artist Hokusai: The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

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