Ghost Of Tsushima Japanese Mask



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Introducing the Ghost Of Tsushima Mask, an authentic replica of the Mempo worn by the legendary samurai Jin Sakai

If you’re passionate about the world of samurais and have spent hours playing the Ghost Of Tsushima video game, then this Tsushima mask is perfect for you. Show your love for this fantastic world of Japan by ordering this unique mask now. Whether it’s to complete a costume or to decorate your room in Japanese style, this mask is a true must-have.

Japanese warriors wore oni masks to frighten their opponents on the battlefield. With this yokai mask (Japanese demon) inspired by the Edo era and the bushido of the samurais, you can immerse yourself body and soul in this fascinating period. Wield your katana and put on your Japanese armor for an unforgettable immersive experience.

  • Dimensions of the samurai Oni mask: 17 x 12 cm (6.7 x 4.7 in)
  • Made of tough resin for optimal durability
  • Perfect for samurai costumes at your cosplay events
  • The size is adjustable with an elastic strap for a perfect fit