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Our Japanese Cushion Cover for Girls: A Unique and Quirky Style Inspired by Japanese Art, Manga, and Folklore

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Land of the Rising Sun with our collection of Japanese cushions. Inspired by the era of samurais, geishas, and manga, our cushion cover allows you to create an authentic Japanese ambiance in your home decor.

  • Japanese Patterns and Symbols: Our cushion cover is adorned with traditional Japanese motifs and symbols, adding a touch of elegance and mystery to your interior.
  • Natural Linen and Cotton Material for Superior Quality: Made from natural linen and cotton, our cushion cover offers a soft and pleasant texture while ensuring exceptional durability.
  • Serged Stitching for Easy Care: The serged stitching on our cushion cover ensures optimal strength and makes maintenance a breeze. You can machine wash it without worrying about the seams deteriorating.
  • Discreet Zipper Closure: The cushion cover features a discreet zipper closure, allowing for easy removal for washing or for changing the design according to your desires.
  • HD Printing on One Side of the Cushion: Our cushion cover is printed in high definition on one side, offering vibrant colors and a unique Japanese style.
  • Dimensions of 45 x 45 cm: The cushion cover has standard dimensions of 45 x 45 cm, making it compatible with most market cushions.

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The Universe of Japan

💯 The cushion is not included with the cover

💯 Wash at a maximum of 30°C / Do not tumble dry the cover

💯 To deepen your knowledge of Japanese culture, we recommend reading our article on the hidden meanings of Japanese patterns. You will discover the meaning behind your Japanese cushion!