Handcrafted Wooden Chopsticks



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Master the Art of Japanese Wooden Chopsticks with this Exceptional Culinary Assortment

Asian chopsticks were first discovered in China in the 12th century BC, where they held religious significance. Over the centuries, they gained popularity and crossed borders. Arriving in Japan around the 7th century, they became a culinary essential.

This assortment of Japanese utensils includes two sets of chopsticks and a wooden spoon. The chopsticks are adorned with a handcrafted spiral wire at their ends. The set comes with a small fabric pouch decorated with floral patterns, making it an ideal gift.

  • The set includes two pairs of chopsticks and two spoons
  • Japanese utensils are made from bamboo wood
  • Size: 22.5 cm

Here are our suggestions to add a Japanese touch to your meal:

🥢 Here’s how to properly use Japanese chopsticks: place the first chopstick between the hollow of your hand and your ring finger, it remains stationary. The second chopstick also rests in the hollow at the base of your thumb and between your index and middle fingers, it is movable. Use your fingers as a clamp while moving your index finger… and enjoy your meal.

🥢 Here are 4 things to know before using Japanese chopsticks: hold them with your left hand, do not stick them into your dish or food, do not lick them, and use a chopstick rest instead of placing them directly on the table.

🥢 According to Japanese tradition, it is prohibited to lend your kitchen chopsticks, use them to point at someone or something, and it is preferable to use a spoon to transfer food from one dish to another.

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