Hanten Kimono



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Discover the hanten kimono, the versatile Japanese coat ideal for all occasions!

The hanten kimono is a Japanese coat that has been used since the Edo period (1600-1800). It is both elegant and comfortable, appealing to all social classes in Japan. Unlike the traditional kimono, the hanten is not reserved for a specific social category.

This Japanese coat features a buckle closure at the front and a black fabric band at the collar. It is also lined with cotton on the inside, making it pleasant to wear and keeping you warm.

The cotton hanten kimono is adorned with seigaiha patterns, which represent the blue ocean waves. These patterns are very popular in Egypt, Persia, and other countries, symbolizing prosperity, luck, and peace in the land of the rising sun.

  • Design: seigaiha pattern
  • Fit: short for men
  • Material: cotton
  • Length: 80 cm / 31.5 inches
  • Care: machine or hand wash at 30°C, air dry on a hanger


    💯 Whether you are in Japan or elsewhere, if you love Japanese culture, you may already have a Japanese kimono. If not, don’t worry: this Japanese coat can also enhance a Western outfit.

    💯 It even pairs perfectly with a streetwear look. Just wear wide jeans and an oversized t-shirt, over which you can put on this hanten with seigaiha pattern. Add white sneakers and you’re good to go!

    💯 Whether it’s for a dinner, a party, or a festival, this hanten jacket will give you a modern yet traditional style, with a 100% Japanese inspiration! You will definitely attract attention with this original and elegant model, and no one will have the same as you.

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