Japanese Blue Bowl



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Ceramic Japanese Style Bowl for a Touch of Tradition

Add a touch of tradition to your Wabi Sabi environment with this ceramic Japanese style bowl. Blue, an ornamental color in Japan, enhances the elegance of this vessel. Its exterior and interior are glazed for an even more refined look. Bowls are an integral part of the art of living in the Land of the Rising Sun and are commonly used in Asian restaurants. With this utensil, you can present an elegant table to your guests.

This blue Japanese bowl is ideal for enjoying your favorite dish. Whether it’s a bowl of rice, Japanese soup, or ramen, it will perfectly adapt to your different recipes. It can also be used to prepare simmered dishes such as Japanese meat or vegetable stew. Its capacity of 1500 ml will allow you to fully savor your preparations.


In addition to its practical and aesthetic aspect, this Japanese bowl adheres to table manners in Japan. Here are some of those rules:

  • 💯 Start your meal by saying “itadakimasu” to express gratitude for the food you are about to enjoy.
  • 💯 Avoid pouring soy sauce over your white rice as it can alter its taste and is considered wasteful.
  • 💯 Never stick your chopsticks vertically in your bowl as it is considered an homage to the dead.
  • 💯 Make noise while eating to show your appreciation for the meal.
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