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Our JAPANESE MANGA LONG CUSHION COVER: a unique style inspired by Japanese culture

We offer you a collection of cushions that provide a unique and quirky style. Immerse yourself in the world of the land of the rising sun with our cover featuring designs worthy of samurais, geishas, and manga!

  • Japanese patterns and symbols: Our cover is adorned with authentic Japanese patterns and symbols, adding a touch of Japanese culture to your interior.
  • Made from natural linen and cotton for enhanced quality: Crafted from natural linen and cotton, our cover offers superior quality and a pleasant texture.
  • Serged stitching for easy washing: The serged stitching on our cover allows for easy and quick washing without the risk of fraying.
  • Discreet zipper closure: The discreet zipper on our cover ensures easy installation and removal of the cushion while maintaining a neat aesthetic.
  • HD printing on one side of the cushion: The high-definition print on one side of the cover ensures vibrant colors and a unique Japanese style.
  • Dimensions of 45 x 45 cm: Our cover is perfectly suited for standard-sized cushions with dimensions of 45 x 45 cm.
The Universe of Japan

💯 Cushion not included with the cover

💯 Machine wash at a maximum of 30°C, do not tumble dry the cover

💯 For a complete immersion in Japanese culture, we recommend reading our article on the meaning of Japanese patterns. You will discover the hidden symbolism behind your Japanese cushion!