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The game of go: a traditional Japanese strategic game

The game of go is a traditional Japanese board game that is a variant of the Western game of chess. It is known for its strategic depth and tactical aspect.

If you are looking for a Japanese gift or souvenir for a friend, the game of go is an excellent choice. This Japanese game set contains all the necessary elements to play an exciting game.

The game board features a magnetic system that prevents the pieces from falling or accidentally moving. So you can play with peace of mind, even if you are a bit clumsy.

Furthermore, to optimize storage space, the piece drawers can be directly stored in the board. This way, you can easily transport this game of go during your game nights with friends.

  • Material: PVC, Magnetism
  • Pieces: 180 white pieces and 181 black pieces
  • Piece Diameter: 1.13 cm
  • Game Board: 24 x 24 x 2 cm