Japanese Geta Sandals



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The Japanese Geta Sandal: The Perfect Wooden Flip Flop for a Unique Style

The Geta sandal is more than just a shoe. It adds a touch of unique Japanese style to any outfit, whether casual or formal. Historically, this Japanese thong sandal was worn with a kimono by the beautiful Geisha or the valiant Samurai warriors. But today, in the Harajuku district of Japan, they are also worn with cargo pants, Hakama or even jeans. For cosplay enthusiasts, they can be paired with a pair of Tabi socks (Japanese toe socks) for an even more authentic look. If you are passionate about Japanese culture, Geta sandals are an ideal choice to add a unique touch to your style.

  • Design: Geta sandals are inspired by traditional Japanese flip flops. They are designed to provide optimal comfort while maintaining an authentic style.
  • For women and men: Geta sandals are suitable for both women and men, making them a versatile choice for all styles.
  • Platform height: The platform height of Geta sandals is approximately 5 cm, adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit.
  • Adjustable Hanao strap: Geta sandals feature an adjustable Hanao strap, allowing you to adjust and tighten them according to your comfort. The soft cotton material also offers a pleasant sensation on the skin.
  • Raw wood material: Geta sandals are carved from raw wood, making them both lightweight and durable. They are designed to last and withstand daily wear.
  • Non-slip coating: Geta sandals have a non-slip rubber coating, allowing you to walk safely on all surfaces.

Check out the tutorial below to discover different ways to wear Geta sandals. We recommend taking one to two sizes above your usual size for a perfect fit.