Japanese Kimono Blue Woman



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Discover this beautiful blue kimono for women, a true tribute to Japanese culture

This iconic traditional garment from Japan is adorned with colorful flowers on a blue sky background, bringing a touch of freshness and elegance to your outfit. Ideal for summer days, this kimono will illuminate your style and transform you into a true Japanese geisha.

Japanese festivals, known as Matsuri, are joyful and festive events. By wearing this summer kimono, you too can attend an outdoor Japanese festival and enjoy the lively and colorful atmosphere.

Once reserved for tea ceremonies, the kimono is now a garment worn on special occasions such as coming-of-age ceremonies, graduations, or weddings. This magnificent fashion piece is therefore perfect for all the important celebrations in your life.

tuto kimono japonais femme

Here are some fashion tips for wearing your traditional women’s kimono and feeling like a true geisha from the Edo era:

  • 💯 Size S is perfect for women measuring between 1.55m and 1.65m. If you measure between 1.65m and 1.70m, opt for size M. For taller women, size L is recommended.
  • 💯 To perfect your Japanese geisha style, we recommend adorning your hairstyle with a kanzashi comb or a folding sensu fan. For optimal comfort, don’t forget to try split-toe tabi socks (preferably white) and wooden geta sandals. You won’t be disappointed!
  • 💯 If you love vibrant colors for your traditional attire, take a look at our red women’s kimono. It recalls the red circle of the Japanese flag and symbolizes fire.