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Discover the Men’s Haori Kimono, the essence of Japanese style

The Men’s Haori Kimono is much more than just a kimono jacket. It embodies the elegance and power of samurai warriors, clans, and shoguns. The 3/4 sleeves adorned with a dragon symbolize wisdom and strength, adding a touch of mystery to your outfit.

This kimono jacket is perfect for creating a timeless and casual style. Wear it over a t-shirt for an authentic and trendy look. For a Harajuku-inspired look, pair this haori kimono with Japanese cargo pants and a round-neck t-shirt. You’ll be ready to conquer the streets with your unique style.

Our complete collection of Haori jackets is full of designs and patterns inspired by Japanese culture. Whether you’re drawn to the demon Oni symbols, mischievous Kitsune foxes, majestic Tsuru cranes, or manga characters, you’ll definitely find something to love in our selection.

  • Fluid design highlighting a Japanese dragon
  • Unisex size and straight cut to suit everyone
  • Soft cotton and synthetic polyester fabric for optimal comfort
  • Japanese patterns printed using sublimation for brilliant shine
  • Easy machine wash at 30 degrees with a gentle cycle

Choose your Japanese style jacket with one size above your standard size, as our models are based on Japanese sizes.