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Wear a stunning red Japanese kimono with the Tsuru pattern

The Tsuru pattern is a symbol of peace and longevity in Japan. The Japanese crane, represented on this kimono, is often used in the design of many Japanese fabrics. It can be found on the clothing of geishas and samurais, as well as on modern garments such as t-shirts and hoodies!

In the land of the rising sun, kimono is still worn by geishas, theater actors, and sumotoris. It is also considered formal attire for weddings, graduation ceremonies, and certain Shinto ceremonies!

The fabric of this traditional garment makes it comfortable and pleasant to wear. Its loose T-shape allows women from all over the world to feel good in an authentic piece of clothing. The geisha style is widely recognized, especially thanks to fashion designers who have incorporated it into some fashion shows.

To wear a Japanese kimono for women, it is important to follow a strict dress code. Here are some tips to follow:

  • 💯 If you are between 1m55 and 1m65, we recommend choosing size S! For those above 1m65, size M will be more suitable! You can also refer to the size guide.
  • 💯 For a classic Japanese look, we recommend our simple Japanese kimono inspired by wagara patterns.
  • 💯 Complete your geisha style with Tabi Japanese socks, Geta wooden sandals, an Obi belt, a folding fan, and a Kanzashi hair ornament.
  • 💯 Respect the dress code of geishas by always folding the left side over the right side.