Japanese Kimono Long Floral Woman



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Discover this beautiful long and floral kimono for women, symbol of the power of the sun in Japan

Immerse yourself in the traditional Japanese world with this long and floral kimono, a true icon of the archipelago. Whether it’s for a party or a costume party, this traditional kimono will allow you to stand out with elegance. To achieve a look worthy of the greatest geishas, don’t forget to complete your outfit with makeup: a vibrant lipstick and a subtle eyeliner will surely enhance your beauty!

Originally, the kimono was worn during the tea ceremony, a practice inspired by Zen Buddhism. This custom consisted of drinking tea in a subdued atmosphere, following a precise ritual. Today, the kimono is an essential garment for many events in Japan such as graduations, coming-of-age ceremonies, weddings, and funerals.

Japanese women's kimono tutorial

Here are some fashion tips to help you wear your traditional kimono perfectly:

  • 💯 For an authentic style, don’t forget to add the essential complementary pieces, such as the famous obi belt that will tie your kimono. You can also opt for a pair of pumps for an elegant look, or choose the comfortable option with tabi socks and geta sandals that will perfectly match your kimono.
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