Japanese Kimono Long Pink Woman



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Discover this beautiful long pink kimono for women and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Japan

With its delicate floral patterns and graceful birds, this Japanese kimono is a true tribute to the lush nature of the Land of the Rising Sun. Flowers hold a central place in Japanese culture, symbolizing ephemeral beauty. Every year, during the hanami festival, they are celebrated with enthusiasm.

This kimono is ideal for a summer evening outdoors or for entertaining friends over a cup of tea. By wearing this typical and authentic garment, you will transform into a true geisha worthy of the Edo period.

In ancient times, geishas wore the Japanese kimono during tea ceremonies, a tradition inspired by the Zen movement and Buddhist religion. These ceremonies were filled with respect and serenity, with a limited number of guests and a calm atmosphere.

The wearing of kimono in Japan is governed by strict protocol, involving the wearing of other pieces such as nagajuban, tabi socks, and obi belt. It is an outfit that holds great significance for Japanese women during important events such as graduation ceremonies, coming-of-age celebrations, weddings, and even funerals. The kimono, which means “clothing” in Japanese, carries a profound message and a rich history.

how to wear a Japanese kimono for women

Here are some fashion tips to help you perfectly put on your authentic Japanese kimono:

  • 💯 If you are less than 155cm tall, opt for size S. For women measuring between 155cm and 165cm, size M will be a perfect fit. Finally, if you are 165cm and taller, we recommend size L. Feel free to consult our size guide for more details.
  • 💯 For a true geisha style, we recommend tying an obi belt to close your kimono. You can also complete your outfit with tabi socks with separated toes and wooden geta sandals.
  • 💯 If you are attracted to warm colors reminiscent of the Japanese flag, our long red kimono might appeal to you. It is an authentic and vibrant garment that will perfectly complement your Japanese accessories.