Japanese Kimono Long Woman



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Discover this beautiful Japanese kimono for women, perfect for enhancing your silhouette

This kimono is adorned with a Japanese pattern depicting white Camellia flowers, also known as tsubaki. This flower symbolizes desire and love. By choosing to wear this Japanese women’s kimono, you are also wearing a symbol that carries meaning. Every detail, even the length of the sleeves, can reveal information about the love life of the woman who wears it!

The kimono is not an ordinary garment seen on every street corner, even in Japan. It is an iconic attire worn by Japanese geishas. Traditionally, the Japanese kimono robe is worn during important ceremonies such as graduations or weddings, as well as during tea ceremonies.

This kimono features a simple and classic style, in line with Wabi Sabi aesthetics. The fabric is delicate and comfortable thanks to its straight T-shaped cut. Whether you want to wear it as a geisha cosplay or for a Japanese-themed evening, here are a few tips to complete your outfit:

How to wear a traditional Japanese kimono

Wondering how to wear a Japanese women’s kimono? Here are some tips:

  • 💯 If you measure between 1.55m and 1.65m, opt for size S. If you measure over 1.65m, size M will be more suitable. Don’t hesitate to consult our size guide for more details.
  • 💯 To complete your outfit, you can add accessories such as a folding fan, Kanzashi hair jewelry, or a parasol. You can also wear a pair of wooden sandals and Japanese Tabi socks.
  • 💯 If you want a more eye-catching ensemble, we recommend our Japanese kimono with floral pattern. This traditional Japanese attire is ideal for a casual outfit.
  • 💯 To wear this geisha women’s kimono, simply fold the left panel over the right panel. Be careful not to get it wrong, as the opposite is reserved for the deceased.