Japanese Kimono Nami Woman



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Tap into the power of the gods with this women’s nami kimono that pays homage to the sea deities

Discover the women’s nami kimono, a traditional Japanese garment that represents waves (nami). This pattern symbolizes strength and was used on banners and armor during the Sengoku era, a time of warring troops that surged like waves. With this kimono, you can immerse yourself in the Japanese universe and feel the full power of the sea deities.

This authentic kimono is primarily made with cotton, polyester, and elastane, making it both comfortable and durable. It is the iconic garment that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe to showcase your unique style and stand out.

Worn during special events in Japan, such as graduation ceremonies, weddings, and coming-of-age for teenage girls, this unique garment is steeped in symbolism and tradition. By wearing it, you can connect with Japanese culture and relive these unique moments.

How to wear the Japanese Kimono

Style tutorial for the Japanese kimono

  • 💯 To choose the right size, we recommend going up one to two sizes from your usual size. Be sure to consult our size guide to avoid any mistakes.
  • 💯 Complete your Japanese geisha outfit by wearing tabi socks and comfortable geta sandals. To fasten your kimono, add a wide obi belt, a true fashion accessory.
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