Japanese Kimono Tsurus Woman



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With this kimono printed with Japanese tsuru, wear the symbol of luck and immortality

In Japanese tradition, tsurus are auspicious birds. They are also called “Japanese cranes”. They symbolize longevity (1000 years in the land of immortals) and good fortune. Why miss out?

The traditional Japanese kimono dates back to the Edo era (1603-1868). It was worn by geishas during the tea ceremony. Nowadays, Japanese women wear it for their graduation, wedding, or for their entrance into adulthood.

You too can wear this authentic garment if you’re going to a costume party, for example. Your costume will make your friends green with envy. Don’t hesitate to adopt the same makeup as geishas: a stroke of eyeliner and lipstick… without overdoing it.

how to wear a japanese kimono woman

Here are some fashion tips for you to wear your kimono in the traditional Japanese way:

  • 💯 For a complete geisha style, we recommend choosing a beautiful Japanese uchiwa fan and storing it in your obi belt. We also advise you to wear white tabi socks and wooden geta sandals.
  • 💯 If you like colorful tones for your traditional outfit, take a quick look at this Japanese geisha kimono. Traditional and detailed, this authentic garment will immerse you in the Japanese universe.
  • 💯 To wear this kimono dress in accordance with Japanese tradition, you must always close it with the left panel overlapping the right panel.
  • 💯 Refer to the size guide if needed.