Japanese Kimono Woman Black Floral



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Discover our black and floral kimono for women and become a flower among flowers

Immerse yourself in the elegance and refinement of traditional Japanese clothing with our black and floral kimono for women. Inspired by Japanese culture, this kimono perfectly reflects the beauty of flowers, which are so prevalent in Japanese tradition. Each flower has its own special meaning, and Japanese gardens are renowned for their soothing beauty. Don’t miss the annual hanami festival, where you can admire these wonders of nature in spring.

To complete your look and avoid any fashion faux pas, we recommend acquiring the following pieces: a nagajuban (special undergarment for kimono), tabi split-toe socks (preferably white), Japanese geta sandals, a matching obi belt with matching patterns, a kanzashi comb to adorn your hairstyle, a haori (modern kimono jacket), and a fan.

Originally, kimonos were reserved for the tea ceremony, an ancient art imbued with Buddhist spirituality. Today, they are also worn for formal events such as coming-of-age ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, weddings, or funerals.

How to wear a kimono

Fashion tutorial for wearing a Japanese kimono

  • 💯 For a look inspired by geishas, maikos, or geikos, you can pair your traditional kimono with a wide feminine obi belt, a pair of solid-colored pumps, and a folding sensu fan.
  • 💯 Don’t forget to tie your kimono around the waist, with the left side over the right side.
  • 💯 If you want to add more vibrant colors to your geisha wardrobe, we recommend our modern Japanese kimono. It combines floral patterns with the ancient tradition of the Land of the Rising Sun!