Japanese Kimono Woman Mid Long



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Discover this beautiful mid-length kimono for women, inspired by the land of the rising sun

The right front panel of this authentic kimono is adorned with a print featuring birds called Japanese cranes, also known as tsuru. These elegant birds are distinguished by their long neck and a small red spot on the top of their head.

The symbolism of these auspicious birds is associated with longevity and good fortune. That’s why they are often present on traditional Japanese clothing as well as in Japanese-inspired tattoos.

If you are passionate about Japan, this kimono is a must-have in your wardrobe. It can be worn at a costume party or even when you have friends over for tea. Originally, the kimono was worn by geishas during the tea ceremony, where tea was served according to precise codes, in a calm and subdued atmosphere.

Japanese kimono woman tutorial

Here are some fashion tips to showcase your traditional Japanese kimono:

  • 💯 The kimono is part of a complete outfit. To be comfortable and enhance it, we recommend wearing white split-toe socks, Japanese wooden sandals, and an obi belt.
  • 💯 To choose the right size, we advise you to take S if you measure between 1.55m and 1.65m. Opt for M if you measure over 1.65m. You can also consult our size guide for all detailed measurements!

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