Japanese Kimono Woman



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Discover the Kimono Women’s Set, a journey into the era of geishas!

Immerse yourself in the history of Japan with this Kimono Women’s Set that will transport you to the time of geishas, also known as geiko. For centuries, the kimono has been the preferred traditional attire of the Japanese people, and today it is mainly worn on special occasions such as weddings or tea ceremonies.

By adopting this garment with Japanese trends, you can put yourself in the shoes of the beautiful geisha women. It is a must-have clothing item for all lovers of the Land of the Rising Sun, who want to add a touch of Japanese culture to their wardrobe.

The floral patterns of the Japanese kimono for women represent the ephemeral beauty of the natural world. Its T-shaped form makes it easy to wear and comfortable, ideal for any occasion.

Fashion Tutorial

  • To complete your geisha outfit, we recommend adding accessories such as a pair of Geta sandals, a Kanzashi comb, and a pair of split-toe socks.
  • To choose the right size, we advise you to take your height into account. If you measure less than 1.55m, opt for size S. Between 1.55m and 1.65m, size M will be perfect for you. If you measure over 1.65m, choose size L. If you have any doubts about the size to choose, consult our size guide.
  • If you prefer a more understated Japanese outfit, we also offer the medium-length Tsuru kimono. It pairs perfectly with a more classic clothing style.