Japanese Lantern Manomano



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Discover our paper lamp, the perfect alternative to the Japanese lantern Manomano

Our paper lamp is much more than just a Japanese lantern. It will bring a touch of elegance and warmth to your interior decoration.

Unlike the traditional Japanese lantern, our paper lamp is made from rice paper or mulberry fiber. This choice of materials gives it a simple, aesthetic, and authentically Japanese character.

Each lamp is adorned with traditional motifs that evoke the beauty and authenticity of the Japanese archipelago. These motifs will bring a delicate touch to your interior.

The design on the washi paper of our lamp represents a typical Japanese dish, such as sushi or maki. These dishes, made from rice and raw fish, are emblematic of Japanese culinary tradition. By adopting our paper lamp, you can bring a touch of this tradition to your kitchen.

Here are some ideas for using our Japanese luminaire in your home:

  • For a relaxed atmosphere and soft lighting, our paper lamp is ideal. It provides diffuse brightness that creates a soothing atmosphere in your interior. You can hang it from a luminaire or use it as a lampshade.
  • Our Japanese lantern is easy to hang thanks to the system installed on top. You can attach a hook to the small wire to hang it. It can also be placed on a piece of furniture with a candle inside.
  • If you liked the design of our paper lamp, you will love our miso soup lantern. This Japanese lamp, as delicious in pictures as in the bowl, will bring a taste of flavor to your kitchen.
  • If you want to discover more paper lamps, we invite you to check out our collection of Japanese lanterns. You will find a variety of ball lamps, white lanterns, and red lanterns that will satisfy all tastes.