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Embrace this Japanese men’s uniform worn by students in the archipelago during high school

Discover the authentic Japanese school uniform known as gakuran. This term means “western student” in Japanese, with “gaku” meaning student and “ran” meaning western. Since the early 1900s, Japanese high school students have proudly worn this iconic outfit. It is also frequently seen in Japanese manga and films such as Crow Zero.

The gakuran is the quintessential traditional Japanese uniform. It consists of a navy blue cotton shirt and a buttoned suit jacket. The buttons on the jacket bear the emblem of the school. The bottom part of the uniform is black pants with a matching belt.

Are you familiar with the tradition of the second button? Inspired by a novel by Taijun Takeda, this tradition states that Japanese students declare their love by offering the second button of their jacket, the button closest to their heart. And you, who will you offer your second button to?

  • Package: uniform jacket
  • Material: high-quality polyester fibers
  • Fit: straight

Below, you will find our detailed tutorial and our best tips for stylishly wearing the Japanese school uniform…

boutique pantalon japonais

🇯🇵 For a streetwear look, pair this blazer with a trendy pair of sneakers. If you prefer a more traditional style, opt for matching loafers.

🇯🇵 Looking for a Japanese student cosplay costume? Complete the look with a cotton shirt, black pants, and a black belt. Add a vintage cap and you’re all set!

🇯🇵 To choose the right size for you, we recommend referring to our size guide. Generally, the gakuran jacket tends to run small, so don’t hesitate to go up a size if in doubt.

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