Japanese Noren Curtain Couple



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Discover our JAPANESE NOREN – Couple Curtain inspired by Japanese folklore!

Our JAPANESE NOREN – Couple Curtain is a true tribute to Japan and its great artists. This Japanese curtain (noren) is inspired by Japanese folklore and is often used in Japanese pubs and bars, also known as Izakaya. You can also find them in traditional ramen restaurants.

This collection of noren offers a unique and quirky style, directly inspired by Japanese folklore, with motifs representing gods and ukiyo-e scenes (the floating world).

  • Japanese motif
  • Composition made of cotton and linen
  • Thick fabric cut with a couple curve
  • HD digital printing for vibrant colors
  • Dimensions: 80x130cm

💯 Use this noren as a Japanese wall decoration, to close a closet or to separate two rooms! Its unique design will bring an authentic touch to your interior.

Attention, the curtain rod is not included with the noren, you will need to purchase it separately ⛩️

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