Japanese Noren Japanese Writing Curtain



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Japanese Noren Curtain Japanese Writing – A touch of Nippon folklore in your interior

Our Japanese Noren Curtain Japanese Writing takes inspiration from Nippon folklore and Japanese artists to bring a unique ambiance to your interior.

  • Japanese motif
  • Made of cotton and linen
  • Thick fabric cut with a subtle curve
  • High-definition digital printing for vibrant colors
  • Dimensions: 80x130cm

Noren curtains are traditionally used by izakayas (Japanese pubs) and ramen restaurants. With our collection of Japanese Noren curtains, we offer a quirky and unique style inspired by Nippon folklore, showcasing gods and ukiyo-e (floating world).


💯 We recommend using your Noren as a decoration for your room. It is very useful for separating two rooms or discreetly hiding/closing a closet!

Please note that the rod is not included with your Noren, you will need to purchase one ⛩️

💯 To help you choose your Noren, we have also created a top 10 list of the best Japanese Noren curtains, feel free to read it to get some ideas!