Japanese painting Geisha Modern



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Discover the charm and elegance of the Modern Geisha Japanese Artwork

Immerse yourself in the world of Japan with this magnificent contemporary work of art depicting a modern geisha. Dressed in a traditional outfit, she exudes an indescribable aura.

The shyness and sweetness that emanate from this artwork make it a unique and seductive piece in every way.

Create a Japanese ambiance by decorating your room

For a successful Japanese decoration, follow these tips:

  • 💯 Take measurements of the location where you want to hang your artwork before placing your order
  • 💯 Opt for a canvas wall art for a superior quality and reflection-free printing
  • 💯 Our kakemono support guarantees the authenticity of your wall canvas
  • 💯 Your artwork will be carefully packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube for secure transportation

Japanese Painting Geisha Modern



Free shipping for orders over £59

  • Tracked delivery
  • 14 days money back guarantee


100% secure payment

Modern Japanese Geisha Painting: A Unique Fusion of Japan and Post-War America

Dive into the fascinating history of Japan and discover the influence of post-war American occupation on the Land of the Rising Sun. This captivating Japanese painting highlights this cultural fusion by blending Japanese and American design styles.

The painting depicts a geisha playing the violin and sipping scotch with deep relaxation. This striking image reflects the harmony between Japanese traditions and Western influences, creating a modern and captivating artwork.

To enhance your interior decor, we offer various sizes for this Japanese painting. If you want to give a small gift to a friend, opt for the tabletop format. For a birthday or special occasion, we recommend the Kakemono format with its wooden frame. This ensures a successful gift and adds an authentic touch to your Japanese decor.

Japanese decor tips

Here are some additional tips for your Japanese decor:

  • 💯 For a hassle-free delivery, our logistics team takes care to roll and pack your Japanese artwork in a sturdy cardboard tube, ensuring a secure shipment.
  • 💯 The Déco canvas used for this painting eliminates glare issues and adds depth to the colors, providing an exceptional artistic rendering.
  • 💯 The wooden support adds an authentic touch to the artwork and highlights the beauty of Japanese culture.
  • 💯 Please carefully review the dimensions of the painting to ensure it fits perfectly in your space.