Japanese Porcelain Coffee Cup



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Immerse Yourself in Japanese Culture and Matcha Tea Tasting with this Ceramic Cup

Green tea is the favorite beverage of the people of the Land of the Rising Sun. It has held an important place in Japanese culture for centuries. The tea ceremony is a privileged moment of sharing. It is practiced in a calm place according to specific rituals and precise codes of conduct.

The choice of utensils for preparing matcha tea also matters during the ceremony.

This ceramic cup is the perfect utensil for enjoying a good cup of coffee, an infusion, or matcha tea. Its style and design are inspired by Wabi Sabi and Japanese simplicity, adding a touch of elegance to your tasting experience.

Here is a small tutorial to help you prepare your own tea ceremony:

How to Prepare Matcha Green Tea?

  • 💯 Start by heating water in a saucepan.
  • 💯 Wait until the water reaches approximately 80 degrees. Avoid it being too hot, otherwise the tea will be bitter.
  • 💯 Take a traditional bowl and place about 60 grams (about 2 spoons) of matcha powder at the bottom. Then pour about 60 milliliters of water into it.
  • 💯 Use a Japanese whisk (chasen) to mix everything. Wait until the drink starts to foam and there are no lumps left. Share your matcha tea with your friends.
  • 💯 To maintain this Japanese tea cup, clean it in warm water.
  • 💯 Take a look at our collection of Japanese cups. You will find a wide selection of utensils to create a zen atmosphere at home.