Japanese Print Dog



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Choose this Japanese print, where the dog symbolizes joy and mischief!

The Japanese print is much more than a simple woodcut. It reflects an ancestral art and a culture rich in symbols. Originally, prints symbolized images of the floating world (ukiyo-e), an imaginary world full of sadness and bitterness. Over time, they have evolved to represent a multitude of themes, offering a unique insight into Japanese lifestyle.

The making of a print requires the involvement of four different specialists: a designer, an engraver, a printer, and a publisher. This meticulous process testifies to the timelessness of Japanese printmaking, which has successfully spanned from 1600 to 1960.

The illustration we offer depicts a dog, a symbol of joy and mischief in Japanese culture. In the land of the rising sun, this animal represents the Asian small-clawed otter, known for its playful nature. The beautiful peonies drawn at the bottom of the Japanese artwork symbolize courage and honor, as their stems never bend.

  • The package you will receive will include a faithful replica of this Japanese print, carefully made.
  • The design is made on a high-quality 100% cotton canvas, ensuring a faithful reproduction of colors and details.
  • The wall canvas will be carefully rolled in a tube package, making delivery easy and preserving its quality.

Here are our suggestions for a harmonious interior decoration:

💯 We recommend measuring the intended location for this Japanese print in order to choose the best size among the three available options.

💯 Although we do not provide a frame for this Japanese artwork, you can certainly purchase one to give it a traditional style and enhance its unique character.

💯 Treat yourself to this lightweight and easily manageable canvas, which can be hung and removed effortlessly according to your desires.

💯 Thanks to its cotton material, the decorative canvas preserves the authenticity of colors and offers a matte finish without reflection or shine, for a highly aesthetic result.

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