Japanese Raku Bowl



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Japanese Raku-style Bowl to Savor Your Favorite Dish

Add an authentic touch to your table by opting for this traditional ceramic bowl. Made of glazed stoneware using the artisanal technique of “raku” style, this bowl is both aesthetic and practical. Its durability and traditional Japanese design make it an ideal choice for enjoying your favorite dishes.

This ceramic bowl is perfect for impressing your guests during a Japanese meal or a tea ceremony. It is perfectly suitable for enjoying dishes such as miso soup, soba, or ramen. Moreover, it can also be used to prepare and savor matcha tea…

To guide you in following Japanese traditions, here are some tips on good table manners in Japan:

la vaisselle au japon

  • 💯 It is forbidden to stick your chopsticks into the rice bowl. This custom is reserved for funerals.
  • 💯 The meal should begin by saying “itadakimasu” as a way of thanking for the meal served.
  • 💯 Slurp your soup making noise to show that you enjoyed the meal.
  • 💯 Japanese rice is consumed without sauce and without salt. You should not pour sauce into your bowl.
  • 💯 We have a collection of Japanese bowls available to complete your table set.

Do not miss the opportunity to savor your favorite dishes in this Japanese Raku-style bowl. Its eco-friendly production and dimensions of 20.5 x 8.5 cm make it an ideal choice for an authentic culinary experience.