Japanese Red And Blue Rice Bowl



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Discover this beautiful Japanese-style ceramic bowl to enjoy your rice with elegance

We are delighted to present you with this superb ceramic rice bowl. Rice is an emblematic dish in the land of the rising sun and deserves to be served in a container worthy of its reputation. This bowl will add a touch of authenticity to your table and quickly become one of your favorite accessories during your typical Japanese meals.

This rice bowl is handmade, which gives it great resistance to temperature changes. In addition to being perfect for enjoying your rice, it can also be used to savor a delicious soup. Its dimensions are ideal for preparing and savoring Matcha tea.

In order to immerse yourself in Japanese culture, here are some tips on Japanese table manners:

  • 💯Never stick your chopsticks into your rice bowl. This practice is reserved for funerals in Japan.
  • 💯Avoid pouring soy sauce on your white rice, as it could alter its taste. Japanese rice is naturally fragrant.
  • 💯Always start your meal by clasping your hands together and saying the word “itadakimasu” to express gratitude for the meal being served to you.
  • 💯Don’t hesitate to make noise while enjoying your soup, it means you’re fully appreciating it.
  • 💯Traditional utensils should be hand washed with warm water and a soft sponge to preserve their shine.
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