Japanese Tabi Sock




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Discover the Japanese tabi sock for its magnificent designs, softness, and practicality

Tabi socks are unique as they separate the toe from the rest of the foot. This makes them the perfect sock to wear with thong sandals or geta sandals. But that’s not all… The tabi sock for men or women is also breathable, comfortable, and soft.

This pair of Japanese tabi socks is both elegant and understated. It respects the aesthetic codes of traditional Japan with patterns steeped in its history. The green and blue prints symbolize the sakura flower, a symbol of beauty that is very popular.

If you love Harajuku style or Wabi-sabi aesthetics, order these traditional Japanese socks now. Tabi socks are also an excellent gift to delight a loved one or a fan of the Land of the Rising Sun.

  • Material of tabi socks: cotton
  • Style: socks printed with Sakura symbols
  • One size: 35-43 EU (4-10 US)
  • Package containing a pair of split-toe socks