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Choose a Deluxe Asian Tea Box and Dive into Japanese Culture!

If you are passionate about Japanese culture, this Deluxe Asian Tea Box is perfect for you! Inspired by the traditional tea ceremony, this box will allow you to experience an authentic and spiritual moment.

Imagine yourself in Kyoto, witnessing a traditional tea ceremony and let yourself be transported into a world of serenity. You will have the chance to meet a real geisha and be served by a Japanese teishua, a thoughtful host.

This tea box is more than just a container, it is a true artistic masterpiece. Its unique design is inspired by the iconic Japanese art style Ukiyo-e. Store and preserve your tea with elegance in this tea box adorned with Japanese motifs and designs.

  • Design: Japanese motifs and designs
  • Material: tinplate
  • Box dimensions: 10.8 x 6.8cm
  • Container capacity: 30-50g