Japanese Tea Box Square Metal



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Discover our Square Metal Tea Box and immerse yourself in the world of Japan!

If you’re passionate about Japanese culture and appreciate the tea ceremony, this box is perfect for you! The tea ceremony is an authentic tradition in Japan, aimed at achieving spiritual satisfaction and harmony with nature.

Our collection of tea boxes highlights Japanese style and the art of the tea ceremony. This beautiful Japanese box will allow you to keep your favorite green or black tea while adding a touch of Japanese decoration to your room!

  • Design: Japanese motifs and symbols for a traditional and elegant aesthetic.
  • Box material: high-quality metal for optimal preservation of your tea’s freshness.
  • Box dimensions: 10.5cm x 7.5cm x 17.5cm, perfectly suited for storing and protecting your tea bags.
  • Container capacity: 250g, you can store a generous amount of tea to fully enjoy it.
  • FREE STANDARD DELIVERY so you can receive your tea box directly to your home, without any additional costs.