Japanese Traditional Sandals



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Experience casual Japanese style with these traditional sandals

Embrace the traditional charm of Japanese zori sandals inspired by the wooden footwear worn by samurais and geishas during the Edo period. Not only do these Japanese flip-flops add an authentic touch to your outfit, but they also promote better blood circulation and improve posture. Whether you’re passionate about Japanese culture or manga, complete your kimono or haori jacket with this pair of wooden sandals. It’s the must-have accessory for lovers of traditional Japanese fashion…

  • The dai: The body of the zori sandals is made of carved wood, giving them a unique and artisanal look.
  • The hanao: The strap that allows you to wear zori or geta is made of thick fabric, ensuring comfortable and long-lasting support.
  • Anti-slip coating: The rubber soles provide optimal grip, preventing slips and falls.

It is recommended to choose a size larger than your usual size for a perfect fit…