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Introducing our jinbei, a comfortable white kimono for night or home

Discover our jinbei, also known as a Japanese pajama, a garment inspired by traditional Japanese fashion. The Japanese wear it for sleeping, staying at home, or doing quick errands. It is a versatile and practical attire.

Our jinbei is made of cotton, a material that offers numerous advantages. Cotton is sweat-resistant, absorbent, and will keep you dry even in hot weather. Additionally, it is durable, soft, lightweight, and comfortable.

This cotton jinbei consists of a loose-fitting ensemble that provides great freedom of movement. The pants are cut above the knee and have an elastic waist for a perfect fit. The jacket features a V-neck, square sewn sleeves, and fastens on the right side with a thin belt.

  • Material: cotton
  • Style: white checkered
  • Size: available in M, L, or XL

how to wear a jinbei for men

Here are some tips to fully enjoy your jinbei:

👘 To choose the right size, consult our size guide that indicates the bust, garment length, and sleeve dimensions. For reference, the model is wearing size M (he is 1m77 tall and weighs 60 kg).

👘 Take the time to relax and enjoy your cotton pajama set. Create a relaxing ambiance with a cup of tea, a bubble bath, and soothing music. You’ll finally be able to unwind and feel good.

👘 Our team has carefully selected a wide range of Japanese pajamas specifically for you. Discover our collection of men’s jinbei Yukata, featuring understated and elegant designs that reflect Japanese culture.

Size Chart

(CM / Inch) Bust Length Sleeves
M 113 / 44.5 75 / 29.5 29 / 11.4
L 117 / 46.1 78 / 30.7 30 / 11.8
XL 121 / 47.6 81 / 31.9 31 / 12.2