Jiraya’s Japanese Sanndale



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The Jiraya San geta shoes: an authentic style of Japanese ninja or samurai

The Jiraya San geta shoes are traditional wooden sandals inspired by the iconic shoes of the ninja Jiraya San, Naruto’s master. If you are passionate about the Japanese world, you have surely seen these shoes worn by powerful warriors such as shinobi ninjas, Tengu demons, or samurai from the Edo era.

In addition to being a symbol of Japanese culture, geta sandals are also practical in everyday life. They are worn to prevent the Japanese kimono from dragging on the ground. With their two platforms under the sole, they elevate the person wearing them and promote good posture of the back.

  • Design: traditional Japanese flip-flops
  • Geta slippers for men
  • Platform height of about 5cm
  • Adjustable Hanao strap in soft cotton to adjust and tighten the wooden geta sandal
  • Sandals carved from raw, lightweight, and sturdy wood
  • Non-slip rubber coating for better grip

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to wear the Jiraya San geta shoes. We recommend going one to two sizes up from your usual size for optimal comfort.