Kitsune Demon Slayer Japanese Mask



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Discover the Kitsune Demon Slayer Mask and embody the manga character Makomo

If you’re a fan of the character Makomo from the Demon Slayer manga, this mask is made for you. Put it on and immerse yourself in the captivating world of this iconic character.

To recreate Makomo’s look, go for a red yukata adorned with a white and pink floral pattern. Complete your outfit with a sleeveless purple haori jacket, a wide brown belt, and a pair of ankle-tied sandals. You will be ready to face demons in style.

The 9 Pillars are the elite fighters of the Demon Slayers Corps. Their mission is to protect humanity by annihilating demons. They are constantly looking for successors to ensure the continuation of their mission. Makomo’s mask, a former apprentice of Sakonji, is fox-shaped and has narrowed eyes as well as a blue flower on the right cheek. This mask has the enchanting power to protect its wearer from misfortune, thus providing you with additional protection during your fights against demons.

The fox (kitsune) mask has an ambivalent symbolism. It can be both good and bad, representing both a kami god and a yokai demon. In the Shinto religion, the kitsune is considered the messenger of Inari, the deity of rice and fertility. According to Japanese folklore legends, kitsune foxes were able to shape-shift to deceive humans.

  • Design inspired by the Demon Slayer manga for total immersion in Makomo’s universe
  • Fits a head circumference between 50 and 55cm for a perfect fit
  • Equipped with LED lights for a striking luminous effect
  • The package includes a Demon Slayer mask and a control box for the lights. Batteries are not included.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own the Kitsune Demon Slayer Mask and become the hero you admire so much. Protect humanity from demons with style and determination.