Kitsune Mask Kimono Jacket



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Choose this kimono jacket featuring a kitsune mask on the back

In traditional and religious Japanese culture, there are numerous legends that are often depicted on Japanese clothing. These garments also showcase fantastical and folkloric animals with specific meanings. The fox (kitsune) is a supernatural and polymorphic spirit that can take on different forms.

Japanese masks, like the one represented on this kimono jacket, are worn during festivals (matsuri) held throughout the archipelago at different times of the year. Festival-goers enjoy dressing up and wearing handmade painted masks.

The kitsune is associated with the goddess Inari of fertility, agriculture, and rice. The Japanese fox is her messenger. Sometimes mischievous, sometimes benevolent, the Japanese fox is playful. The haori jacket also features pink flowers representing cherry blossoms (sakura), symbolizing transient beauty.

  • Design: kitsune mask
  • Material: cotton and polyester for comfort and lightness
  • Washing instructions: Maximum 30°C


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