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Kokeshi Dolls: Unique Hand-Painted Wooden Japanese Dolls

Kokeshi Dolls are magnificent traditional Japanese dolls, made of wood and meticulously hand-painted. These figurines are very popular in Japan, where they are considered true works of art.

Each Kokeshi Doll wears a beautiful Japanese kimono and sports an elaborate hairstyle inspired by geishas. These intricate details make each Kokeshi Doll a unique and authentic piece.

Kokeshi Dolls are not only elegant decorative objects, but they also carry symbolism and tradition. They represent the beauty and grace of Japanese culture and are often given as a sign of friendship or good fortune.

The package contains a set of 6 Japanese Kokeshi statues, each with its own design and color. These dolls are perfect for decorating a shelf, a desk, or even accompanying a bonsai tree.

  • Type: Made of high-quality PVC for optimal durability
  • Color: Each Kokeshi Doll is hand-painted with vibrant colors that stay true to the Kokeshi collection’s photo
  • Quantity: The set includes 6 different-colored Kokeshi Dolls, offering a variety of styles and patterns