Luxury Japanese Kimono Woman



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Discover this magnificent luxurious women’s kimono, a symbol of Japanese tradition

This kimono, with its celestial colors, is much more than a simple garment, it represents the entire story and beauty of Japan. The delicate and floral patterns evoke the lush nature of the land of the rising sun. Flowers hold a prominent place in Japanese culture, symbolizing gentleness, kindness, and ephemeral beauty.

They are often represented on traditional clothing, and even celebrated during the annual hanami event, dedicated to their contemplation. This highly sought-after festival marks the arrival of spring and offers an enchanting spectacle.

The kimono is an iconic garment of Japan, carrying traditions and symbols. During the Edo period, it was worn by geishas during the tea ceremony, where they served Matcha with precise protocol and great elegance.

Today, the Japanese kimono for women is worn on various special occasions such as graduation ceremonies, weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies for young girls, and even funerals. It embodies both elegance, tradition, and respect for customs.

To enhance this magnificent kimono, we provide you with some tips. First and foremost, if you measure less than 1.65m, we recommend choosing size S. If you measure between 1.65m and 1.70m, size M will be more suitable. Finally, opt for size L if you measure over 1.79m. If you have any doubts, consult our size guide to help you make your choice.

If you are wondering how and when to wear this kimono, look no further! It is perfect for a costume party where you can transform into a true Japanese geisha. Don’t hesitate to add accessories such as a kanzashi comb, a furoshiki bag, an uchiwa fan, tabi socks, and geta sandals to complete your look.

If you prefer darker colors while remaining true to the floral spirit of geishas, we recommend our high-standing women’s kimono. This sumptuous garment perfectly combines authenticity and tradition.