Maneki Neko Amigurumi Money Box



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Ceramic Maneki Neko Piggy Bank with Hand-Painted Design

Discover this beautiful ceramic Maneki Neko piggy bank, a true masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship. Every detail is carefully hand-painted, giving it exceptional quality and authenticity.

  • Ceramic Maneki Neko piggy bank
  • Hand-painted design
  • Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 11 cm
  • Package also includes fabric cushion

Amigurumi Maneki Neko Piggy Bank with Fortune-Bringing Mallet Design

Dive into the Japanese legend of the Maneki Neko cat with this unique piggy bank. The mallet design on its chest is a symbol of luck and prosperity. According to tradition, shaking this mallet brings fortune.

This traditional Japanese figurine is often placed at the entrance of shops, businesses, and homes to attract prosperity. With this white Maneki Neko, you can bring this tradition into your own home and enjoy its benefits.

The Maneki Neko is adorned with various symbols of luck and prosperity. The koban, an ancient Japanese coin, represents wealth. The Japanese fan symbolizes prosperity, and the sakura flower, the Japanese cherry tree, symbolizes beauty.

In addition to being a symbol of luck, this cat piggy bank is also practical for storing your loose change. It will add a touch of Japanese style to your interior decoration and make an ideal gift for your loved ones.