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Decorate your interior with the Maneki Neko cat, a symbol of luck and art

Discover the deep meaning of the Maneki Neko (招き猫), also known as the “beckoning cat”. This lucky cat is often placed in front of shops, bars, and restaurants in Japan. Many legends surround its origin, involving samurais, geishas, and even an old lady.

The Maneki Neko, with its raised paw, invites passersby to enter the establishment next to which it is placed and heralds good fortune. The inscription in its left hand signifies that many customers will come, resulting in wealth and treasures.

  • Ceramic and enamel Maneki Neko figurine
  • Dimensions: 22 x 17 x 16 cm
  • Package includes one Maneki Neko figurine with a bell
maneki neko tutorial

Here are some suggestions for using this Maneki Neko figurine:

💯 Just like in Japanese stores, you can place this figurine in your entrance, on a sideboard or small piece of furniture, to welcome your guests. You can even hang it on a coat rack with its cord!

💯 Use this Japanese cat figurine as a candy box, treat jar, or money box.

💯 To maximize your chances of realizing your travel plans, we recommend placing the white Maneki Neko in the northwest corner of your home.

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