Maneki Neko Ceramic Money Box



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Ceramic Maneki Neko Money Box with Gold Bag

The Ceramic Maneki Neko money box is more than just a storage item for your loose change. This cat figurine is a symbol of luck in the land of the rising sun. With its raised left paw, the white cat invites you to enter a store, shop, or business, according to Japanese tradition.

In addition to being a good luck charm, this Maneki Neko statue is an ideal gift for fans of the Japanese culture or for introducing someone to the Japanese folklore. It is also a sign of good fortune and success, making it a valuable item to have in your home.

This Maneki Neko money box is adorned with fans on its belly, a symbol of prosperity. The present kanji adds an authentic touch to this piece. The cat also wears a cord with a bell around its neck, adding a charming touch to the whole.

The red cushion on which the money box rests promotes good health, while the gold bag held in the cat’s right paw symbolizes wealth. The cat waves with its left hand, adding a touch of friendliness to this figurine.

This ceramic Maneki Neko money box is the perfect choice for an authentic Japanese decoration. It will bring luck and good fortune to your home, while adding a touch of charm and elegance. Delight a Japan enthusiast by offering them this magnificent piece!

  • Ceramic Maneki Neko money box
  • Hand-painted
  • Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 11 cm
  • The package also includes the fabric cushion