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Lucky Maneki Neko Money Box. This Japanese cat’s jar keeps away oni demons and yokai 👹

The Lucky Maneki Neko Money Box is a ceramic object that allows you to store your coins in a unique way. It is also a perfect gift for a friend who is passionate about the Japanese culture. The white Maneki Neko cat is often placed in front of shops in Japan as it is considered a symbol of good fortune.

  • Add a touch of Japanese decoration to your interior with this money box. You can place it on a shelf or table to bring a Japanese ambiance to your room. The white cat wears a bell, and the Japanese kanji as well as the sakura cherry blossom branches symbolize the ephemeral beauty of all things. By owning this ceramic Maneki Neko money box, you will attract good fortune into your life.

If you want to learn more about the history and meaning of this Japanese lucky cat, we invite you to visit our dedicated article on our website. You will discover all the fascinating details of this Japanese tradition.