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Chibi Maneki Neko Piggy Bank with Sake Cup. The raised right paw of the Japanese cat signifies luck and good fortune

Discover the Chibi Maneki Neko Piggy Bank, a true lucky charm straight from Japan. This Japanese cat is known for its raised right paw, a symbol of luck and good fortune. Present at the entrance of stores, bars, restaurants, and businesses in the Land of the Rising Sun, the Maneki Neko is also a recurring character in manga and animated films.

With its kawaii style, the Maneki Neko even inspired Hello Kitty in the 80s. This traditional Japanese piggy bank is not only a practical way to store your spare change, but it is also an excellent decoration to bring a touch of Japan to your home or apartment.

On the belly of the Japanese cat, you can see a kanji, clouds, and a Japanese crane. The kanji represents a symbol of happiness and prosperity, while the clouds and crane are symbols of peace. Thus, this Chibi Maneki Neko Piggy Bank carries good energy and positivity.

The Maneki Neko cat is also adorned with a bell around its neck, which emits a gentle tinkling sound with every movement. Additionally, it holds a sake cup in its left paw, adding an authentic touch to this adorable piggy bank.