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Ceramic Maneki Neko Piggy Bank with a Cute Pink Bow Tie in Kawaii Style

The Ceramic Maneki Neko Piggy Bank is much more than just a decorative accessory. It is a true Japanese lucky charm that allows you to store all your spare change while adding a touch of charm to your interior.

This piggy bank is entirely handmade, giving it unparalleled quality and authenticity. Every detail is meticulously hand-painted, making each piece unique.

The dimensions of the piggy bank are 11 x 7 x 11 cm, making it an ideal size object to be placed on a shelf, desk, or bedside table. In addition, the package also includes a matching fabric cushion, adding a touch of comfort and softness to the whole.

  • Ceramic Maneki Neko Piggy Bank
  • Hand-painted
  • Dimensions of 11 x 7 x 11 cm
  • Package also includes fabric cushion

The Maneki Neko is a symbol of luck and prosperity in Japanese culture. This ceramic piggy bank represents a large Maneki Neko with a cute pink bow tie, in a kawaii style that will appeal to all fans of the Japanese universe.

The Maneki Neko piggy bank is adorned with a cushion with a floral Japanese pattern, adding a touch of delicacy and elegance to the whole. When the two paws of the Maneki Neko statue are raised, it means that the cat invites people to enter its home, symbolizing good fortune.

The Japanese cat also wears bells and a tassel, which add a playful and festive touch to the piggy bank. Additionally, Japanese cherry blossoms are visible on the red collar and belly of the statue, adding a touch of color and beauty to the whole.

Finally, on the back of the Maneki Neko figurine, the three gourds are a symbol that ward off evil spirits such as yokai or oni, providing additional protection to your home.