Maneki Neko Tirelire Original Fan



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Ceramic Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Piggy Bank with Japanese Fan

Discover this beautiful ceramic Maneki Neko lucky cat piggy bank, adorned with a Japanese fan. This unique, hand-painted piece is a true symbol of prosperity and luck.

  • Ceramic Maneki Neko lucky cat piggy bank
  • Hand-painted
  • Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 22 cm
  • Package includes fabric cushion with the piggy bank

A symbol of luck and prosperity

The Japanese fan has a very ancient history in the Land of the Rising Sun, just like Maneki Neko figurines. The latter are renowned for symbolizing luck and good fortune. In Japan, you can find them at the entrances of bars, shops, and even homes.

This ceramic piggy bank represents a cat indulging in leisure. It is also adorned with the Japanese pattern tsuru, representing a crane bird, a symbol of prosperity and longevity.

The Japanese cat also wears a bell around its neck, adding a touch of charm to this traditional statuette. By placing this piggy bank in the northwest part of your home or apartment, you will enhance your desires for travel and bring happiness to your household.